Friday, November 18, 2005

Crime, hatred, and the Spice Girls.

(From Roomies! Click for hardcore 1998 action!)

I was holding off on reading It's Walky! for several reasons, but the primary was the size of the archives.

Let me explain.

Ever since I have been reading webcomics, I have always felt as if I should start at the beginning. Whatever the medium, what has always really mattered to me about any sort of art (even pictures) is the stories that they tell. Whatever else may be said about me, I am a total and complete sucker for a good story.

Being obsessive about stories has its good points. It's fun, obviously. (It is one of the reasons that Sluggy and CRfH make me overflow with joy, by the way; because of the slow evolution of the characters and how all the plot threads come together.)

But it also means that I have the almost OCD desire to start at the very beginning. I have to know the whole story, and there's no better way to do that is to read the archives in their entirety, back to front.

Roomies! starts on September 8, 1997.

Nineteen ninety-effing-seven.

That's a long time ago, gang, especially in the webcomicking world.

So I'm gonna be awhile. And after perusing the first strip or two I wasn't too impressed with the art, but then again, I know it gets better (I've read Shortpacked!) and it kind of pinged my CRfH senses. But still, I knew that there probably was going to have to put some effort into those early days.

But this strip (which came out in January of 1998, by the way) made me laugh.

Let's talk about what makes it work. On the surface, the wording is just funny. "Not so fast, scum!" "Okay, I'll go slowly then." It's a classic spoof-a-cliche type joke, and it just works.

But what also gives this strip its funny is, of course, the drawing. It's the way that you can just tell that Dust Bunny's response completely throws RoboVac for a loop. He's looming in the background, looking all menacing, then suddenly, his expression wavers. He does what looks like the robotic equivalent of raising an eyebrow in the third panel. Then, in the fourth, he kind of looks off to the side (Uh... what do I do? Line? Anybody?) Then he just says... "'Kay." Because he doesn't know what to say.

It's funny already, and that's a good sign. I'll try to keep you all posted on how I feel on my way on through the archives, assuming I make it.

Wish me luck...


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