Monday, November 21, 2005

Now I only have to post bail for you ten more times before we're even!

(From Sam and Fuzzy. Click for full sized PLOT TWIST!)

First let me say a few words about Sam and Fuzzy.

It's funny. It always has been (which absolutely thrills me in a webcomic, by the way, and which I call Elf Only Inn syndrome: when a webcomic comes right out of the gate roaring in the direction that it wants to go, grabs you, and sucks you in, and you never have any doubts as to whether or not you are going to like it by the time you've read the first week's worth of strips in the archive.) I found Sam and Fuzzy on a link from Ctrl+Alt+Del, and the first strip made me laugh. The first strip. When something like that happens, that bodes well. That bodes very well, folks.

But anyway, Sam and Fuzzy used to be a lot more random than what it is now. There was always continuity, of sorts, but as the strip progressed some of the storylines got more and more involved. Sam started having more of a love life, which was referred to a lot. Fuzzy got involved in the ninja mafia, which had become a recurrent theme. Carlyle entered the strip in a physical way (this is my very favorite S&F strip, by the way) and it ventured into a bit of life philosophy. (Also, on a totally different note, Sam Logan's art has just been impressing the heck out of me lately, especially in this strip, which could merit it's own rant about the use of shadows and Frank-Miller-esque silhouette shots for a good while. The man knows how to use black and white.)

In fact, this sort of thing has been happening quite a lot lately, in Sam and Fuzzy, and to be perfectly frank, I think it's bloody brill. The storylines have been intertwining (the ninja mafia wants to kidnap Sam; please don't ask why, as it involves whatever used to posess the fridge in a very convoluted and hysterical way that I don't feel like going in to), which adds more depth and complexity to what's going on, though it never loses its comedic edge.

So really, I feel like I should have seen something like this coming. Except... it's so random. It's a perfectly legitimate story twist, but it's something that never would have occured to me, because it's not a plot-changing revelation. It's just one of those things that makes you widen your eyes and say "Woah. Candice is Sexxica?"

It's awesome stuff. And of course now I want to see what happens, which is the primary goal of any webcomic: to keep you coming back.


Blogger tedzsee said...

Sam and Fuzzy is genious in a bottle.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Phil Kahn said...

Yeah. That strip definitely made me go, "Whoa!"

Sam Logan is a helluva storyteller.

7:33 PM  

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