Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I feel so used...

(From El Goonish Shive. Click for full sized "Hey look over there! A shiny new change of topic!")

No real snark on this one. I just wanted to gleeble hysterically over the fact that the demonic duck is back!

(This demonic duck, by the way, is a very old convention in EGS, which is just one of those things. Y'see, way back in 2002, Nanase distracted Elliot by saying "...hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?" Which would have just been the old 'look out behind you' trick. Except that there really was a demonic duck there. And so now, anytime someone needs a distraction, the demonic duck seems to turn up, though we haven't seen him in a while.)

(But now, Dan Shive has brought the demonic duck back. Which, when I read the latest EGS, got quite a bit "w00t!" out of me. In the school library. I got funny looks, but there was no way I was going to try to explain. There are some instances where you just know that no one would really understand.)

(And actually, this is a bit of a segue into something I want to talk about, which is something I call, conveniently, The Demonic Duck Device. It's something that many webcomics do, and it consists of putting in some small, repeating character, such as the demonic duck, or even just a phrase, and when used correctly, can be extremely funny.)

(For the record, Dan Shive uses it correctly.)


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