Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Life comes in two flavors: regular, and Cinnamon!

Holy Crap there are a lot of good strips today.

A couple of days ago it was dry as a bone. Everything was simply one more day of comics. That happens sometimes. But today. I mean geez.

I'd want to talk about today's Sam and Fuzzy, because he just threw in another plot twist, but I just did that.

Today's Two Lumps made me laugh out loud, as did the current The Order Of The Stick (I took "Craft Disturbing Mental Image" as my feat last level) and the current Shortpacked!

I like how Starslip Crisis is coming back around to Vaporware (Today's strip makes me believe that it wasn't just a cameo after all; he might actually be a recurring returning character from CxN, the thought of which makes me gleeble with happiness.)

Something Positive made me swallow hard as we found out that Davan's father has told him about that.

about today's Questionable Content (especially that first panel) just makes me want to grab Marten and Faye by the shoulders, shake them, and yell "Look, just admit you're in love already!" (moreso than usual, I mean.)

Suzy Gee is graduating. And essentially, she's giving up on Gav and everything else.

And I just talked about CAD ten minutes ago.

There are some days when reading through my trawl just makes me so happy I want to hug somebody, and today is one of those days. I'm still grinning.

This is what it's all about, folks.


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