Thursday, December 08, 2005


(From Narbonic. Click for full sized EEEEEE!)

What I'm doing today should have been done quite a long time ago.

What I'm doing today is snarking Narbonic.

Now, you see, I should have snarked Narbonic a while ago. Because this strip, in case you don't follow Narbonic for some strange reason, is not the strip from today. It's from a while ago, several weeks, in fact. But also, it's really funny. And it reminded me what I love about Narbonic. So I'm snarking it, dangit, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

*Sticks out tongue.*

...Anyhoo. This strip reminds me, as I said, of the reasons that I love Narbonic. As any Websnark junkie could tell you, Narbonic is, in Eric Burns' opinion, the best comic currently going, which is quite an honor, and it doesn't come undeserved. I think that Eric bases this opinion on one very important fact: Narbonic has a very complex backstory, but anyone coming right into the story can still laugh at any individual strip.

And this strip, essentially, embodies that very well. It's hysterical, quite frankly. (I've been going around for the past two weeks saying "Work mode off!" to people. Then they give me funny looks, but that's what it's all about, right?) Anyone just simply coming along could have no idea about this situation (it was caused because of Dave's latent mad scientist abilities because he tried to fix the microwave and it started spewing extradimensional entities with beaks and lots of eyes, and the fact that Helen has promised to let him go if she can't cure him, which is now complicated by the fact that they are now a couple) and still giggle about it. "Okay, you've noticed." "So do you have an Allen wrench, or what?" It's just funny.

Kudos to Shaenon Garrity. This is good stuff, folks.


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