Thursday, March 02, 2006

Life is like a sandwich. Sometimes you eat the sandwich, and some times the sandwich eats you.

(From Sluggy Freelance. Click for full sized SMOOCHIES!)

Every time somebody complains about Oceans Unmoving, I find myself perplexed.

Of course, I see many of the problems that people have with it. I agree with some of them. It was an entirely new cast suddenly tossed at us when what we wanted to see was Torg dealing with his newfound depression and retractedness coming off of That Which Redeems, (a storyarc which OU simply pales in comparison to). We wanted to see Oasis and Hereti-Corp. We wanted to see Aylee.

But we were given... Bun-Bun, a character that many Sluggites were growing tired of. By himself, with the new characters. Which left many people feeling detatched. They came looking for their Sluggish goodness every morning, and found something that simply didn't feel like Sluggy.

So people complained. They're still complaining, in fact. Which usually causes me to sigh and think "It's not that bad, guys." Because I liked OU. It's still funny. The story is interesting. And the concept is phenomenal.

And it still has Pete Abram's signature on the bottom, which is one of the most important things, to me. So I'm going to echo something that Occultatio said a while back, over at The Living Comic.

Don’t you freaking dare give up on this comic.

Occultatio was of the opinion that Sluggy should be given some major slack. He said "Pete Abrams as an author has won my faith on a level nearly on par with Bujold or even Gaiman. No, I don’t much like this current stuff, but dammit, I know it will get better."

I know it will get better.

Sluggy Freelance is one of my personal favorites. I was more impressed and enthralled with TWR than I have been with any comic storyarc, ever. So I put the work into OU. I went back over it and read it in chunks of a month at a time to get a better sense of the story as a whole. I combed the forums. And as a consequence, I know what's going on. And I'm enjoying the ending of OU immensely. And it just keeps getting better. It's not as good as Sluggy has been at times in the past, of course, but heck, this is Sluggy. At its worst, it still beats out a good seventy-five percent of the other comics on my list.

And something about today's strip just clicked for me. The subject matter, the way that it's put together, the art, the timing, the expressions, the dialogue... they all work together just right again, and today's strip, for some reason, just made me smile.


Blogger Mr Myth said...


Currently, the conclusion to OU is taking longer than I expected...

And I have no problems with that whatsoever.

I think Pete has really found the pacing that works with the story; I think that we've finally been able to build enough vested interest in the new characters; and I think that it helps that Bun-Bun is no longer there to always. freaking. win.

I think Pete's doing a great job of redeeming the current story arc even for those who weren't the biggest fans of it - and that bodes very well indeed for what may yet be to come.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Tangent said...

OU redeemed itself to me after Kaja joined the cast. It had growing pains at first, yes, but once it caught its first wind... it took off and became something good.

Hell, it became good enough that I wrote several reviews on it. *shrug*

Glad to see other reviewers out there feel the same.

Rob H.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Mr K said...

Yeah, it's working now, and I'll say what I said at websnark a while back... it's sluggy freelance. Sluggy freaking freelance. One of the best webcomics out there.

11:42 AM  

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