Monday, December 19, 2005

Jabba'a Palace?! What?!

(From Melonpool. Click for full sized A Little Short For A Stormtrooper.)

Melonpool was always one of those strips that I thought that I should probably read, just... when I have time. You know how it is. You have some strip bookmarked and you mean to check it out, it's just that you know the archives are really long, so you know it'll take a rather large investment of time, so you just never get around to it. It'll always be there, won't it? So it sits there in your To Be Read folder and you just kinda think "Oh yeah, I oughta read that sometime. When I get the chance."

Anyway, Melonpool was one of those strips.

And, unfortunately, I missed the boat. As everyone knows by now, in November Steve Troop took down nine years' worth of archives. Took them down. They're gone now. Bye-bye. And I never got the chance to read them.

So I sucked it up and motored on over there to start reading on the restart. That was the point, after all. So I started. And I found that I really liked it. It maintains the story well and reintroduces characters smoothly so that new readers can pick it up and old readers won't feel like they're being hit over the head with something they already know. (Well, as far as I know, anyway. I'm not an old reader, so I can't say definitively. But it seems that way, in any case.)

Another thing is that it's consistently funny. And today's strip actually made me snort with laughter, as it also has several times in the past. It's good stuff. I'd recommend checking it out.


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