Saturday, March 18, 2006

I Hear He's Up To That Evil Stuff

(From 8-Bit Theater. Click for full sized No One Wants To See That.)

I have a theory.

This theory has rather disturbing connotations, but I believe that it holds up under scrutiny.

This theory is that the longer a strip goes on (especially if this strip is related, however tangetially, to geek culture or gaming) the possibility of a reference to Chocobos or Pokemon (or some other cute critters from a video game) having sex becomes more and more likely. (Can't lay my hands on the individual strip, but if Penny Arcade didn't already do something like this I'll be very surprised.)

But anyway!

Today's 8-Bit Theater strip is funny, in the giggle-out-loud way that the old school 8-Bit archives are, which makes me happy. Because 8-Bit has gone downhill a little of late, and it hasn't been as consistently funny as it once was. But then Clevinger comes out with a strip like this one and I know why I'm reading again.

Because, for the record? Chocobo sex? Is funny.


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