Sunday, March 12, 2006

There isn't a wound / that she can't heal / and I can tell her everything / except for how I feel.

(From Tailsteak. Click for full sized Wide Smiles and Bright Eyes in the full beginning-to-end version, because the strip is really big.)

This isn't really a recent-events type of snark, really. I just wanted to mention that I was working my way through the Band storyline of (if you've never read anything by Tailsteak, by the way, you are cold missing out on some hardcore awesomeness), and I came across the strip where they sing the song "Nathan's Girlfriend" and... well... I was completely floored.

And I knew I had to talk about it, even though its from way back who-knows-when. Because it's just simply awesome.

In the first place, the lyrics are phenomenal. I can totally see enormous crowds of preteen girls swooning as a band sings this onstage, even though I don't know what the music sounds like. I thought it was famous song for a minute, but as far as I can ascertain the a lyrics to this is all Tailsteak. (By the way, let me know in a comment if this actually is a professional song and I'm just stupid and uninformed, eh?)

Secondly is the way the music is drawn on the page. It's very difficult for someone, as a comic artist, to give a sense of music in a comic strip and not have it come across falsey. The reasons for this are simple: you listen to music, you don't read it. Because of this, there are simply so many things that need to be conveyed for you to actually hear a song that having it be represented with only pictures and words is rather difficult.

Just in case you were wondering? Tailsteak nails it in this strip. It's perfect, honestly.

Tailsteak is generally great with whatever he gets in his mind to do, and if you're not catching this daily, then you're missing out, big time. Go. Read. Now.


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