Thursday, March 16, 2006

Who upgraded nerd-boy?

(From Comedity. Click for full sized... er... not touching that one.)
I'm a simple man, after it's all over, I suppose.

Right now I could be soliloquizing eloquently about brilliant plot twists, touching moments, or mysterious goings-on in goats, Zebra Girl, Something Positive, GPF, or the like. (In fact, I wanted to talk about today's Sluggy Freelance, and the significance that the line "Who upgraded nerd-boy?" has to the evolution of the strip as a whole, but then... oh, wait, Websnark beat me to it. Never mind.)

I could be.

But I'm not. I'm talking about Comedity... basically because today's strip features a passle of hot girls holding a penguin.

And you just can't compete with that. 'Cuz... y'know... the penguin is like the Sinatra of birds.

(Comedity is a pretty good strip, in case you were wondering. It's got very solid, clean art, and a really good concept. And it's funny a good portion of the time. So I read it.)

Anyway, there's just something about today's strip. It has Garth sighing that the girls all flock to the penguin ("AWWW! He's so cute!"), and Garth's cool side going out of his head (because... dude, there are girls out here, and the only chick in Garth's head is that muse, and she's a little weird) and you just know that he's gonna get more attention than Garth himself.

I dunno. It just makes me giggle. I'm hopeless, aren't I?


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