Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Holy *crap.* Why do I let these things pile up? This is like... the fourth multi-post I've done...

(From, as usual, a crapload of comics. Only a few small pics up, because trying to put them all here would make your mind explode. And your browser.)


A list of strips that I'm plugging today: Shortpacked, Get Fuzzy, Inverloch, Narbonic, Home On The Strange, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Digger, Dominic Deegan, and Birdsworth.

I don't know what it was, but... all of these strips? Made out of pure awesome today.

In Shortpacked, Robin is forcing Amber to go and meet her online boyfriend, and I must say that I am ridiculously curious as to how this is going to play out. It also looks like it's all going to start going down tomorrow. But who knows? We'll just have to see.

Get Fuzzy.

Today's strip was just... funny. I giggled. For a long time. Go. Read.


I'd say more about Narbonic, but... lots of people are already talking about the Lovelace twist, and I'm flabbergasted just like everyone else. Hey, why not jump on the bandwagon and pretend I have something to add?

Dominic Deegan. I cheered, man. "Get your hands off of my husband." w00t! Of course, Melna just rocks in any circumstances, and I'm secretly hoping that she and Stonewater will end up together, even though he seems to have a thing for Grench. Hmmm... Gah, I'm such a fanboy...

CAD. Hijinks will ensue, I just know it. Know it, man. Cuz, see... We're swinging back around to the subject of Ethan and Lilah's marriage, which has been on the back burner for a while, ever since the big announcement. And today, it's revealed that Lilah's parents have never met Ethan. Now... this is a big event for anybody, and quite probably a cause to be nervous. But... Ethan (of all people, has a reason to wonder about how his fiancee's parents will react to him) is completely oblivious. "That should be interesting to watch," indeed.

Digger. I have to admit that I did not see this coming. She... she ran the bad guys up against... the vampire vegetables! THE VAMPIRE VEGETABLES, MAN! Those things kicked butt. Hehehehehehe...

Home on the Strange is funny. The Ferrett is funny. And today's strip hit the nail on the head, man. S'good stuff.

Finally, a plug for Birdsworth, Gilead Pellaeon's new fixed-art comic strip, which I had high hopes for. It made me laugh today, for the first time, which is a good thing. There aren't too many strips, so head over there and give the guy some support. He could use it.

...Hmmm. I think that's all. Go away. I got nuthin' else.